What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes (preferably jeans or stretchy pants)
  • **Socks to wear during class (in the classroom)
  • **Please bring your own drinking bottles to fill up from our water dispenser
  • Notebook
  • OPTIONAL – A favorite pillow for your back or leg comfort (if you have/use one, there are pillows on the classroom couches already)
  • OPTIONAL – Birthing ball (balls are provided in class, you may have one that you prefer and are welcome to bring it)
  • Light refreshments are provided during class, but you may bring personal snacks as needed if you desire or require anything additional
    • Light refreshments:¬†grapes, cheese, crackers, chips, humus¬†and water

NOTE: The classroom is equipped with couches, ottomans, plus some throw pillows on the couches.