Before, During and After Birth: Protecting Your Perineum

“What can I do to help BEFORE I give birth to decrease the likelihood of tearing or having perineal trauma?” and “What can I do AFTER birth to decrease the discomfort from perineal trauma?”  are questions often asked.  Even after ACOG ( The Americann College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists) made a recommendation in 2006 for […]

Labor Inducing Ginger Cookies

(Recipe shared by Robin Elise Weiss, LLC Guide) So several of my students ask me, “Lisa, what can I do to get labor going?”  There are definitely some acupressure massage points that can get things going…and let’s not forget  the whole “frequent sex thing too”…( PROSTAGLANDINS, remember? I’m definitely writing a blog about labor […]

Cook Counter Pressure

The Cook Counter-pressure  techniques are an alternative, non-pharmacological, no cost, non-invasive method of relieving back and pelvic pain for laboring women during the first and second stages of labor. Since it’s publication on Spinning Babies, I’ve been asked, “HOW EXACTLY does this work”? So here’s the LONG version of it: Located on the posterior side […]

Rebozos in Pregnancy & Birth

I love the rebozo — the beautiful colors, the artistry — but mostly for the way it works… “Rebozo” means “shawl” in Spanish. It’s a traditional Mexican shawl about 4-5 feet in length. It is a multifunctional tool used before labor, used to help laboring women birth and used for carrying your baby around after birth! The other day, […]

Your Birthing Checklist – Preparing for the Hospital

Ah! Your water broke. What do you need to bring to the hospital? Figuring out what to have on-hand or packed and ready to go can be a bit overwhelming. This checklist has been met with a “New Mom’s Seal of Approval” from many of my students: Things to Bring: Phone list of people to […]

Birthing Basics for the Labor Support Person

Before Labor: Learn as much as you can, come to class! Attend Childbirth Education classes…Preferably with Birthing Basics, LLC!  Here you’ll learn how to best support your partner—what comfort measures are the most helpful and what comfort measures you can implement in each phase of  labor!  Also, attend as many of the supplementary classes (Breastfeeding, […]