Birthing Resources

Birthing resources provide information, education, health and birthing services.  The resources are provided for the mother (parents) and newborn.

A well balanced forum of instruction and caring

Recommended resources:

Penny Simkin
Birthing Center AWHONN Logo
American Pregnancy Association Maternity Services

Childbirth Education

Injoy Health Education

Easier Childbirth with Fetal Positioning

Spinning Babies

Choices in Childbirth - Mother Friendly

Recommended Doulas:

Kerry Reynolds Doula

Elizabeth Oldham

Emma Keeton

Labor & Postpartum Doula


Birth Day Doula

Michele Peterson

ICEA, CD (DONA) Doula Service

 Alexa Richardson

Birthwise DC Doula


Sarah A. Sragg, LCCE, CD (DONA)

Labor Support, Doula

240-793-1341, 301-681-6436